Perth Kitchen Renovations: 6 Luxury Reno Ideas to Add Serious Value

22 Apr 2024 Kitchenn Renovation Ideas
Modern luxury kitchen after a kitchen renovation

Renovating your kitchen doesn’t just make it nicer to live in, it makes it easier to sell.

Societal, architectural, and cultural changes over the passing decades have transformed the kitchen into a more central space than ever before, increasingly occupying the minds of potential buyers and the day-to-day lives of homeowners. At QN Kitchens we’ve watched this transformation occur in real-time, learning first-hand through our Perth kitchen renovations how the view of the kitchen has changed, taking careful note of what the modern homebuyer is looking for. Now, we pass some of our expertise onto you with 6 kitchen renovation ideas to help add living and resale value to your Perth home.

Revitalise Your Perth Kitchen with These Renovation Ideas

Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinetry for a Modern Look

Boasting drab wooden cabinets? While wooden cabinets can be a stylish addition to any home, the once-popular sepia cupboards seen throughout the 1970s and 80s can weigh down the look and feel of your space. Instead, create a sense of warmth and sophistication in your Perth home by upgrading to green & wood matte cabinetry or refresh your space with lightly coloured laminate or wooden cabinet installs, ideal for a range of modern kitchen styles.

Luxury kitchen with light blue cabinetry and a central kitchen island with bench chairs. Centered next to a large window with natural light.

Add a Functional and Stylish Kitchen Island

As kitchens have become an increasingly front-and-centre space for dinner parties, family chatter and open-space living, the kitchen island has gradually transformed into a non-negotiable feature in the minds of many homebuyers. This simple kitchen renovation can significantly open the functionality of your space, adding more room to cook and store food, while simultaneously increasing the hosting potential of your home. More than functional, when done right the kitchen island can be an impactful decorative piece, raising the value of your Perth home and helping it stand out in a competitive market.

Renovated modern luxury kitchen with black central kitchen island and cabinetry overlooking the living room in an open space.

Revamp Your Benchtops with Durable, Stylish Materials

Outdated benchtops can instantly date even the most functionally innovative kitchens. A worn-down laminate or outdated stainless steel can turn buyers away even at first glance. If your bench space is looking worse for wear, consider upgrading to a minimalist, white granite to lighten your kitchen space or switching out for a durable engineered stone.

Embrace Luxury Kitchen Renovation Ideas in Perth

A luxury kitchen will never go out of style. How do we know? As the experts on luxury kitchen renovations in Perth, we’ve seen how our designs have stood the test of time. More than just a design choice, a luxury kitchen is about optimising your kitchen space for entertainment and functionality, with an expert consideration of layout that makes the most of the space you have. By following leading design principles, a luxury kitchen will be able to stand tall as trends come and go, with high-standard materials that ensure a brand-new look and feel years after use.

A luxurious renovated kitchen with gold accents and white leather. Includes a central kitchen island and wooden cabinetry.

Optimise Your Kitchen Layout for Better Functionality

With an expert eye, you can unlock the full potential of your kitchen space. A rearrangement of counter space, cabinets, storage, and seating can increase the openness of your kitchen and provide more functionality for less space. By skillfully curating the correct colours and materials with the proper utilisation of natural light and vertical space, a redesign of the kitchen layout can leave you with a kitchen that feels more spacious and modern, without sacrificing the parts you already love.

Consult With a Kitchen Renovation Expert

Our experts have been providing leading bespoke kitchen renovations in Perth for nearly twenty years, taking careful note of which kitchens have stood the test of time. By blending a mix of best-practice design principles, cutting-edge innovations, and careful consideration of personal design, we’ve created kitchens that last all across the Perth metro area. With thousands of successful projects to be proud of, we’ve helped families live better and invest better, with better home experiences and retail value-adds that make homes sell faster, at higher prices.

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