How Long Do Perth Kitchen Renovations Take?

20 May 2024 Kitchen Renovation Guides
A white marble kitchen countertop inside of a luxury kitchen in Perth that has undergone a custom kitchen renovation.

Watching your dream kitchen come to life is an exciting process, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Many homeowners embarking on their first kitchen renovation in Perth don’t know how long their renovation will take. Meanwhile, a search for “How long do Perth kitchen renovations take?” returns a huge set of conflicting answers. With some websites putting the timeline at one to three weeks and others saying it will be up to nine, how long it takes to renovate a kitchen in Perth remains a mystery for many homeowners.

Well, we’re here to clear up the clutter. When you’re looking for answers on how long a Perth kitchen renovation takes, the truth is, you won’t find one perfectly accurate answer. The reason for conflicting information around timelines is simple — kitchen renovations are complex. In this article, we simplify the kitchen renovation process, outlining all the factors that impact the time line of your renovation, to help you develop a clearer understanding of how long your dream Perth kitchen renovation might take.

Factors Impacting How Long Your Perth Kitchen Renovation Will Take

1. The size of your kitchen

It should come as no surprise that having a big kitchen will extend the timeline of your renovations. Whether you’re looking to redo the cabinetry, tiling or floorboards, a larger kitchen will more often than not extend the task’s timeline as well as the materials required to bring your new kitchen to life.

A large modern luxury kitchen with hardwood floors and black marble that recently underwent a luxury kitchen renovation.

2. The size of your project

When creating your dream kitchen, the size of the project (or scope of works) for your Perth kitchen renovation will significantly impact the timeline. More than just the extent of the transformation, the scope encompasses both the size and complexity of the project, with larger and more complex scopes requiring additional time.

  • Size. The size of your scope is more than just the size of your kitchen, it’s the size of your needs. Are you only considering adding new cabinets, or do you also require a fresh splash of paint? Perhaps you are looking at a brand-new layout or a completely new design? The more changes you would like made to your kitchen, the longer the process will become.
  • Complexity.  Sometimes what seems like just a small change requires strenuous attention to detail or careful time-consuming procedures. High-complexity tasks can often be the case in renovations of luxury kitchens as opting for premium materials can require an extended installation process to ensure a flawless finish.

3. The condition of your current kitchen

Are you renovating a glossy well-kept kitchen just in need of an upgrade, or are you looking to transform an old, damaged kitchen into the custom kitchen of your dream?

For older kitchens, the kitchen renovation process can be extremely transformative, but it’s not always easy. Old kitchens can come with several challenges which extend the time even on smaller renovation projects. If you have an outdated kitchen you’re looking to transform, look out for the following qualities as these may increase the time taken to complete your Perth kitchen renovation:

  • Outdated electrical and plumbing systems. The latest appliances for luxury kitchens also require the latest electrical and plumbing systems. If these systems are outdated in your kitchen, an upgrade may be necessary to bring your dream kitchen to life.
  • Structural issues. Structural issues present in old kitchens can significantly complicate the renovation process and require additional time and resources to address.
  • Unforeseen problems. Old kitchens are more prone to issues that lie under the surface such as hidden structural defects and water damage. While unforeseen problems can occur on any kitchen project, they are more common with age.

4. Your chosen contractor

The company that undertakes your project will significantly impact the time your kitchen renovation takes to complete. When choosing your team of Perth kitchen renovators ensure that they offer a combination of quality and efficiency. While it may be tempting to opt for kitchen renovators that offer a shorter lead time, these can come at a sacrifice on the quality which will lead to problems down the line or result in an unsatisfactory final product.

Our team of Perth kitchen renovation experts understand the importance of a high-quality finish and timely delivery, to have you in the luxury kitchen of your dreams within just weeks. To minimise disruptions, we carefully handcraft all our custom kitchens to the highest standards at our warehouse location before installation. This allows us to deliver kitchens within just two months. With an installation process of only two weeks, we can move a kitchen renovation from start to finish without any major disruptions to the home.

A kitchen renovation service team member drilling into wood as part of a luxury kitchen renovation.

5. Changes or additions

It’s normal to change your mind. As you start to see the process unfold you may decide that you would like different materials or finishes to the ones that were previously specified. Or, after installation, you may realise that the work is not done and that you would like new additions to bring your luxury kitchen to life.

At QN Kitchens, we work closely with our customers to ensure that our custom kitchens are made to the exact taste of our clients, perfectly suited to their lifestyles and personalities. That’s why we are happy to extend the time line of a kitchen project to ensure everything is just right but depending on the extent of the design changes or additions, this can significantly impact the time it takes to complete a kitchen renovation.

6. Availability of materials and appliances

Luxury kitchens require luxury materials. Depending on your choices, the materials used in your kitchen renovation may delay or extend the time until it is completed. For the best custom kitchen, this may be worth the wait, but if you’re worried about the time it takes to acquire materials it is best to speak directly with your chosen kitchen renovation expert. An expert can help you find alternative materials that may suit your needs better or inform you about the potential delays in sourcing your bespoke material of choice.

To minimise delays, we exclusively source our materials from local suppliers. By using 100% Australian-made cabinetry materials in all of our Perth kitchen renovations we not only support our local WA businesses but also avoid extended lead times and costs associated with overseas shipping.

Glossy kitchen countertop and black stovetop up-close inside a white luxury kitchen that recently underwent a kitchen renovation.

Discover How Long Your Perth Kitchen Renovation Will Take

With so many factors to consider, and different estimated time frames being published online, it can become a headache to try and guess how long your Perth kitchen renovation will take. Thankfully, you have a team of kitchen renovation experts on your side. Our experienced team can provide you with in-depth industry insight into the kitchen renovation process and provide you with an estimated time frame for your kitchen renovation project with ease.

Contact us to learn more about the time frame of your dream kitchen.